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Clarity on Israel

March 7, 2013

Over the past few weeks as I prayed, God kept showing me the exact same image. It would never go away. What I saw was from the very inside, the core of this planet, this bright blue and white light, that shot out horizontally and tore the planet in half, then shot vertically and started pouring out—this bluish white light. Why did I keep seeing this? One of our intercessors reminded me that blue represents the Holy Spirit—I was seeing a picture of the Holy Spirit pouring out—and the color white represents purification. I was seeing the blue and the white—the pouring out and the purification. Through this, the words I kept hearing are, “Your thoughts are not my thoughts, and your ways are not my ways.” I knew that was Scripture, but I didn't know which part. We opened the Bible and it was right there in front of us: Isaiah 55.

Isaiah 55:8-9: "My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts."

While this Scripture was being planted in me and that picture of the blue-white light was being burned into my mind, I kept hearing, "2014, 2014." Why was I hearing 2014? Following yet another prayer time, with worship music playing in the background, the song "Let It Rain" came on and it hit me: "That’s it. The Israel gathering is supposed to be on October 15, 2014. My spirit began to sing, but we needed more clarity and confirmation. So we began to pray even more.

Any time we have had a ReignDown gathering, it has always happened—without us realizing—to fall on some Jewish holiday, and it always seems to fall when it is significant to what we are doing in that time. April 26, 2008 was Passover, December 8, 2012 was the Haggai 2 date—24th day of the ninth month—and also that evening Hannukah was starting—the dedication of the rebuilding of the Temple. God lines these up without us even realizing it. So when I said the Israel gathering is supposed to be on October 15, 2014, we felt led to look up that date and it is the last day of Sukkot—which is the Feast of the Tabernacle.

The last day of Sukkot, the actual day of the 15th, is also Hoshana Rabbah, meaning "Great Salvation" and it closes the period of Divine Judgment that began on Rosh Hashanah—the Festival of Trumpets. Rosh Hashanah begins with a blast of the trumpet when heavenly judgment begins and Hoshana Rabbah, "the taking of the willow", is the day when it concludes.

If you look at the beginning of Isaiah 55, the title says, Invitation to the Lord's Salvation. October 15 is dedicated as the great salvation. Then it hit us that what I was seeing was the outpouring of the Spirit and the purification, which is His salvation—the blue and white light— in the shape of the cross. Everything was becoming clearer.

Since then, God has been calling us to gather in Israel, this year, on October 15, 2013, to dedicate the journey that will lead to the next global gathering on 10/15/14.

There is so much more He is revealing and calling His children to do. We are so excited to share it with you...please stay tuned!


Watch for additional details about Israel 2014 in the coming days.

What's the Issue?

December 10, 2012

Since Kansas Governor Brownback put out his message in support of December 8 being a day of restoration for the State of Kansas, he has been criticized by individuals, organizations and the media for not keeping church and state separate. However, he did not mandate anything. No law was passed and no directive given to cross any line of personal belief. He exercised his right as a leader in our nation to take a stand for his personal belief and simply invited those willing to pray for his state and our nation to do so.

Brownback is a man of God who obediently listens to the prompting of the Lord. As in Jonah 3, when the king of Nineveh heard Jonah's warning that the city would be destroyed, the king heeded the warning and called Nineveh to repentance. "When God saw what they had done and how they had put a stop to their evil ways, he changed his mind and did not carry out the destruction he had threatened."

We have been asked many times, often by the media, what is our issue? What is the cause we are fighting for? There is no issue but ourselves. We are not asked to judge our fellow man. God only tells us to love one another. As Christians, we haven't done a very good job of this. We blame leaders and others for the downfall of our nation, but we haven't been united. We haven't been salt and light. We need to join humbly in worship and prayer and personal repentance, which leads to the healing of our land. We haven't seen ourselves as sinful for not loving people as Jesus would. We keep our churches walled off and divided. We turn away those we don't agree with instead of caring for them.

That is the call of ReignDown USA: to ignite the fire of repentance and unite the Body of Christ. There is no political issue or agenda. The leaders of our nation happen to hold political offices, but they are also men and women with their own personal beliefs. We believe God honors those leaders who heed His call on their lives and brings healing and restoration to the land for which they are given responsibility.

An Invitation from Kansas Governor Sam Brownback

November 27, 2012

Proclamation by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback

November 20, 2012


WHEREAS, the State of Kansas will host the national simulcast of REIGNDOWN USA in Topeka on December 8, 2012, bringing thousands here from across the country; and

WHEREAS, people from across America will join the millions from around the world on TV simulcast live from MacLennan Park, in the heart of America; and

WHEREAS, the first REIGNDOWN celebration was held 2008 in Washington DC, on the Capitol Grounds, introduced by proclamation of the President of the United States of America, with millions participating on site, on TV, and by computer; and

WHEREAS, regional REIGNDOWN events continued until the need was seen for the gathering to be held in the heart of our Nation; and

WHEREAS, many of our families have slid into poverty, endangering out next generation of citizens, our lands are parched by drought, our quality jobs are scarce, business and industry are struggling to expand, and many of our people have fallen into despair; and

WHEREAS, our Nation’s greatest leaders have called on a merciful God for favor during troubled times, such as:

“We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven; we have been preserved these many years in peace and prosperity; we have grown in numbers, wealth and power as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God.” - Abraham Lincoln, 1863.

“The propitious [favorable] smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained.” - George Washington, 1789.

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” - Thomas Jefferson, 1787; and

WHEREAS, we collectively repent of distancing ourselves from God and ask for His mercy on us:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Sam Brownback, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF KANSAS, do hereby proclaim December 8th 2012, as a

Day of Restoration

in Kansas and ask every citizen of our state to join in asking a Holy God to bring healing and restoration – help in mending broken lives, bringing peace to our families, our communities, and this land.

DONE: At the Capitol in Topeka
under the Great Seal of the
State this 23rd day of
November, A.D. 2012

BY THE GOVERNOR: Sam Brownback

God is calling ReignDown USA to Kansas

May 29, 2012

ReignDown USA will be holding a national prayer, worship and personal repentance gathering in Kansas on December 8, 2012. Similar to our first national gathering on April 26, 2008, we will be calling people throughout our nation to join us on that day with venues in every state. More details will be provided soon.

Here's how you can help:

  1. Pray for God to reveal his desires for that day, that His people will hear His call and be obedient and that his complete and perfect will is accomplished.
  2. Spread the word.
  3. Offer a donation. A donation may be made online or by writing a check and sending it to: ReignDown USA, 20118 N. 67th Ave., Suite 300-235, Glendale, AZ 85308.
Prayer Initiatives You Should Know About

October 3, 2011

We wanted to make you aware of a few prayer initiatives that are taking place in schools here in our nation for a few reasons:

  1. To bring encouragement that prayer is being allowed in some public schools.
  2. So that if they are happening close to where you live, you can get involved and participate.
  3. So that you could start something similar in your own city or state.
  4. So you can be in prayer for them and what God may want to do in and through these ministries.

First, the eleven11 Initiative is a collaborative effort to conduct 11 days of nonstop prayer (26 hours) over 11 consecutive weeks in 11 Public High Schools throughout Arizona ending on 11/11/11. Below is a summary from their first gathering in a high school last year that ReignDown USA participated in. From this gathering eleven11 came to be.

During October of 2010, something extraordinary happened in Cottonwood, Arizona. Mingus High School, a public school, hosted 26 hours of uninterrupted prayer in the school auditorium. Numerous churches brought their youth groups to pray for an hour, kids came and left all through the night hours, giving up their Friday evening and Saturday. There were prayer requests from the school faculty, the students, area pastors, and others in the community which were mounted on poster board throughout the auditorium, creating prayer stations. The Chief of Police volunteered security for the event, rallying enough officers to cover the entire 26 hours, completely free of charge. Afterwards, testimonies came in of kids having a radical encounter with God, causing their lives to change in big ways. All this happened in spite of a principal who wasn’t a Christian and who was completely against prayer. At the end of the event, she recommended this event to other schools saying I don’t know about the prayer, but I do know about the results.

To learn more or get involved:

The second comes from Minnesota and is called Ignite. They recently held a prayer gathering at a school in the Twin Cities and 750 students participated. They felt God tell them He would take Ignite many places to raise up students who would reach their high schools and colleges. To get involved:

If you have prayer taking place in schools in your area, we would like to hear about them and provide a link to them as well. Let us know:


August 29, 2011

Is it just me or do you feel God speaking louder and louder? Why do we choose to listen to the lies of the enemy and ignore God’s cry? Are we really in such a deep sleep? Why don’t we wake up and change? Why do we so quickly forget the warnings God sends us? Why?

I can’t be the only one asking these questions. I’m sure for many of you, these questions have crossed your mind while reading the news or hearing about a tragedy somewhere in the world.

I shouldn’t be shocked because Isaiah even spoke, “Listen carefully, but do not understand. Watch closely, but learn nothing. Harden the hearts of these people. Plug their ears and shut their eyes. That way, they will not see with their eyes, nor hear with their ears, nor understand with their hearts and turn to me for healing.” (Isaiah 6:9-10)

Throughout the Bible, God constantly warns that we are not listening, and that we need to repent and turn to Him. Yet not all did. Not even those who were in the presence of His precious Son. So why do I think it would be any different today?

Because I have hope. God also says that we are to awaken from our slumber before He returns like a thief in the night. That He will return for a Bride without blemish.

As I watch the news and see what is going on around me, I get a sense it cannot be too much longer. Judgment is coming. There is no stopping that, but we as children of God, as people who have seen God move, can cry out. We can join together and start shouting, “Stop! Those with ears listen, those with eyes see, and those with a like heart turn to God and allow Him to bring healing.”

Friends, we need to start shouting the same tune. Imagine a body gathered together functioning how God purposed and planned. Praying for those that are hurt or discouraged, taking time to listen and lift up, ceasing to judge and condemn. Imagine a body functioning as the church in Acts. Helping those in need.

Imagine...If we all did this and listened to God’s plea, stopped going through the motions and actually lived out His commands, what an impact we would make on this world.

Can we listen? Can we wake up? I know I want to. How about you?

The LatestFebruary 18, 2011

The Lord has brought revelation and confirmation that our 12/8/2012 gathering will be in the geographic heart of our nation—Kansas.

February 15-18, 2011 – Walt Kallestad and Shawn-Marie Cole travelled to Redding, CA. where they spoke and held a ReignDown USA gathering at Simpson University, speaking and meeting leaders at Tozar Seminary and meeting with leaders at Bethel College.

SAVE THE DATE – ReignDown USA will be hosting a gathering in the high country of Arizona the evening of Saturday, June 25, 2011. Those in the area (and those who would like to escape the summer heat) are welcome to join us at the park in Overgaard.

We will not forget.February 10, 2011

2010 began with turmoil in Haiti and Chile. 2011 has seen one of the biggest and most devastating earthquakes in history rock Japan. A deep cry has gone out to this nation. We are responding, but how soon until we forget the urgency? There is no better way to respond than to heed God's call to America and the entire Body of Christ to worship, pray, and repent. We cannot ignore His warnings and we will not forget. God is shouting, "Wake up! Turn back to Me!" Help ReignDown USA spread the word. Please pray and donate as you can.

ReignDown Minneapolis

September 30, 2009

ReignDown USA brought an evening of worship, prayer and repentance to Elliot Park in Minneapolis on September 29, 2009. We also helped lead a Chapel service at North Central University. Check out just a few of the photos from our time there (find more in the Gatherings section):

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