Worship Compilation CD Entries

Listen to the entries below, then rate each one on a scale of one to five stars!

Resonate "Thirsty Mix"
Edmonds, WA. www.resonateband.com
Brian Weaver "Here's My Life"
Glendale, AZ. www.brianweavermusic.com
Bill Blomquist "Everything"
Houston, TX. www.holyapostles.cc
Jim Vilandre "I Worship You"
Fargo, ND. www.jimvilandre.com
Randy Walterman "Let Mercy Rain"
Corpus Christi, TX. www.cccfellowship.org

Brian Mangum "Remind Me"
Chardon, OH. www.brianmangum.com
Denny Bracken "Lord Reign"
Glendale, AZ.
Skip Ladd "Live In Our Hearts"
Phoenix, AZ.
Frank Byers, Jr. "This is My Prayer"
Magnolia, AR.
Lauren Redpath "Praise to the Father"
White Bear Lake, MN. www.saintandrews.org
Teri Undreiner "Heaven's Reign"
Phoenix, AZ.
Jason Holladay "It's About Jesus"
Brewster, WA. www.thejasonholladayproject.com
The North Gate "With One Voice"
Nashville, TN. www.myspace.com/thenorthgatemusic
Chainbreaker "Children of the Light"
Phoenix, AZ. www.myspace.com/jayschainbreaker
Bob Suter "On My Knees"
Sarasota, FL.
Kenny D. Shaw "Lord of Love"
Phoenix, AZ. www.itsabrandnewday.net
Mark Walth "Now With Our Hearts"
Glendale, AZ.
Proskuneo Ministries "Isaiah 30"
Grayson, GA. www.proskuneo.info
Joe Monto "Only By Grace"
Auburn, WA. www.lifepointchurchonline.com
Evan Myers "God Bless Our Children"
Sun City, AZ.
Nancy Moral "Speak to Me, Oh Lord"
Loxahatchee, FL. www.myspace.com/nancysmusic
Nathaniel Hoffman "By Your Wounds"
Fontana, CA.
CJ Hyde "You Cover Us"
Phoenix, AZ.
Preston & Teresa Connick "Forgive"
Los Gatos, CA.
Jonah featuring Jolivette & Lady Rene "My Soul Says Yes, Lord!"
Houston, TX. www.myspace.com/jonah4jesus

Updated December 11, 2007

Financial provisions for all needs according to His riches and glory

Increase prayers over all people that have been called to participate in RDUSA in whatever way. That people would take a stand, be strong and courageous, and be not afraid or discouraged, to be obedient to follow through with what the Lord has called them to do. (Joshua 1:9)

Fulfillment of commitments made to donate to RDUSA.

Establishment of 24/7 Prayer Networks across the entire nation, and that all 50 states would be represented.

Continued prayer for the fulfillment of the ReignDown USA Repentance Movement in every detail, as God has purposed and planned. That all preparations come together perfectly well as God has established, all according to God’s time.

Warfare prayer against all enemy plans, strategies, and tactics in the area of communications, primarily emails. Stand against enemy infiltration in email messages.

Warfare prayer against all enemy plans, strategies, and tactics that try to steal what the Lord has already given to RDUSA in the area of venues, and that no territory that God has given be taken away.

Gathering of all the pertinent information to create a written proposal for the expenses related to production at the Washington Mall for 4.26.08.

Next meeting with the National Parks in Washington DC is scheduled for 1/9/08. Pray for all of God’s purposes and plans will be fulfilled, especially in this venue.

Increase protection over all RDUSA staff, board, partners and their families. There have been health issues arising in several people.

Updated December 11, 2007

Provision, the Lord keeps providing daily manna.

TBN interview is scheduled on Thursday 12/13/07.

For those people that have truly caught the vision and are ringing the bell across the nation. Thank you for new seeds planted in SD, MN, WI, AZ, NY, MO, FL, CA, CO, LA, KS, MO.

Over the last week, the Lord opened the door of opportunity for Walt and Shawn Marie to sit face to face with Michael W. Smith. Shawn-Marie personally got to share God’s vision of ReignDown USA Repentance Movement in greater depth.

The Lord also made possible a phone conversation between Shawn-Marie and Lou Engle of The Call.

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