ReignDown Israel 10.15.14

When you move in sync with God, things happen. That sums up the experiences of the ReignDown Israel team—fifteen people from Arizona, Kansas and Florida—who, for one week, traveled through God’s chosen land of Israel, praying and watching His plans unfold as we went.

What had been planned as a major global simulcast worship and prayer event—much like the Washington, D.C. (2008) and Topeka, Kansas (2012) ReignDown USA events—God whittled down to a simple few. Many destinations were visited. The Bible came alive as we walked where Jesus walked. Each stop was a place to wait on the Lord, listening for His purposes for our visit to that place.

First stop, Megiddo (in the Greek, Armageddon), a tell inhabited thousands of years before Christ and the site of several historical battles because of its strategic location. Megiddo overlooks the Jezreel Valley, where Gideon led the Israelites to victory over the Midianites, and is said to be the site where the final battle between good and evil will take place. As we cried out in repentance there, a chilling wind picked up and huge raindrops began to fall, that in itself was one of the first of many miracles God did. On our way to Megiddo we were told that Israel, a country known for its farming, has been praying for rain because there has been none. Our guide told us clouds roll in but no rain so as you can see the rain was the first of many gifts God gave us. Then as we looked over the valley a rainbow appeared in the sky, reminding us of God’s promises for Israel and for us.

From there we went on to Nazareth where we looked back over the valley to Megiddo and yet again off in the distance a rainbow appeared over the valley- God was smiling. From there we went up to Tiberias, on the Sea of Galilee, where we stayed for two nights.

Almost everywhere we went, God united us with people and used us to share His love, peace and joy with them. Our mission focus became clearer when we went to Caesarea Philippi, a location also referred to as the “gates of hell”. Here, pagan temples were built to many gods, and is home to a giant cave—the source of a gushing stream in the distant past—which was dedicated to the goat-god Pan. It is also the place where Jesus brought His disciples and asked them who they thought He was. Below this area, near the entrance, as our group prayed and Pastor Walt and Pastor Bjorn anointed our teams feet, we heard wailing coming from a large group of Chinese tourists next to us. God led Shawn-Marie to approach them and show them love. As she walked over to the other side a woman began to approach me her, and she reached out and hugged her tight. That one hug turned into many, as our group united with theirs to share His love, His embrace, His peace and warm smiles. As the Holy Spirit began to fall, their wails turned to joy and laughter. The language barrier didn’t matter—His love broke through…right at the foot of the gates of hell!

A similar experience happened on the Mount of Olives. As we sat overlooking Jerusalem, the words of our guide, Ami, were nearly drowned out by the sound of loud worship coming from a huge group of Columbians next to us. As Pastor Walt was leading us in scripture we felt we needed to stop and worship alongside them even though we didn’t speak their language we sang side by side. As the worship was wrapping up Shawn-Marie again was led to go to them and embrace them, sharing God’s peace and love, uniting with another group of Christians from yet another corner of the world.

This happened over and over again, from groups all around the world.

Our journey took us from the Garden of Gethsemane, up to the Mount of Olives and down the Via Dolorosa—the “Painful Way”—the road in the Old City of Jerusalem on which Jesus carried the cross on the way to His crucifixion. We went down into the dungeons below Caiaphas’s house, where Jesus was held, and the sounds of our worship echoed upward. We went below ground where Jesus was tortured and touched His preserved drops of blood on the old Roman stone.

One of the biggest highlights for many of us was our visit to an IDF (Israeli Defense Force) army base high up on Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights region. From their outpost they have a clear view of the Lybian and Syrian borders. We toured the base with Snir, a first sergeant in Unit 13, who shared with us the heartbreaking experience of losing his best friend, along with six other men from their unit, in an attack by extremists in July. He showed us the makeshift memorial they had made for them. We were instructed not to openly pray with the soldiers, but we brought them a hundred pairs of wool socks, tee shirts and other supplies and fully intended to serve them in any way we could—but they ended up serving us a hot lunch that their cooks had prepared, and their hospitality and openness was truly moving to our group.

We also went to the Temple Mount—an experience we will never forget. Non-Muslim prayer and Christian symbols and Bibles are not allowed there, but God instructed us to write Scripture on our feet and put it in our shoes claiming that where our feet walk we take that land back- claiming the promises that God gave to Moses and Joshua. Moments after entering the Temple Mount, a huge disturbance erupted from outside one of the mosques—Islamic extremists had barricaded themselves inside in protest of the Jewish holiday of Sukot. The Temple Mount area has such a rich history and the Bible truly comes alive there. It is one of the most contested places in the world, claimed by Jews, Christians and Muslims as one of their holiest, most sacred places. Despite the gunshots going off, the gas bombs, and the rocks being thrown- we knew we were called there for a mission- to pray, cry out for Israel, and worship God. So we did just that! We shouted to the East Gates to swing open and we worshipped on the southern steps of the Temple Mount and prayed for the veil of deceit to be torn down. It was a powerful trip!

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ReignDown USA (KS) 12.8.12

Watch the archived web stream of the Topeka gathering below. The event starts at approx. 14:00.

ReignDown USA arrived in Topeka with great expectation for an outpouring of God's Spirit and power, and He did not disappoint. Beneath a large tent at MacLennan Park, just in front of the Governor's residence, people from cities near and far came, despite the cold weather, and joined in unity, worshipping and crying out for God to reign down His healing touch on Kansas and beyond. Highlights of the three-hour gathering included Governor Sam Brownback's powerful prayer of authority on behalf of his state, a prayer from Congressman Trent Franks, the blessing of all the gathered youth and young adults as they stood together on stage, representing the next generation of Christ followers, the Shekinah glory of God fell, evident in a gold dusting that settled on people's faces in the tent, and even a chorus of angels that could be heard worshipping God between our own songs of worship.

The ReignDown USA team had the opportunity to worship and pray in the rotunda of the courthouse where the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision was made.

Since December 8, we have heard many stories of unity where pastors in the Topeka area have come together in support and encouragement of one another, where before there had been animosity and discord. A broken Body has begun to heal, and God gets all the glory. Many calls, including some from leaders of other nations, were made to the Governor's office in support of his boldness.

ReignDown USA, Brownback draw crowd to prayer movement - The Topeka Capital-Journal, December 8, 2012
ReignDown event set for Saturday - The Topeka Capital-Journal, December 7, 2012

I was reflecting on this event just this morning before getting out of bed.  I remember thinking before the event what my life would be like after ReignDown. I remember the planning and swelling of plans as we prepared to gather...I remember the LORD telling me whatever I gathered before the event would be just right. I remember the level of trust about that word which I had to stand on even up to the day of the event. I remember the cooperation and working together of the churches as people got sick or were asked to do other things and how everything just fell into place. I remember the joy of expecting the LORD, the times of prayer and fasting up to the event...the LORD speaking to me about personal pride and a spirit of haughtiness which I didn't always recognize in myself. I remember the events before with Shawn-Marie and her father Walt and the anticipation the gathering of churches in Topeka felt. I remember the precious words of our Governor Sam Brownback who had been sick all week before. I remember the Hispanic churches who came with their families and the one worshiper during the entire event dressed in blue sequins who prayed, praised, cried, and worshiped with her face touching the grass for most of the event. I remember the youth gathering on stage and the one young worshiping man who had grabbed my personal praise and worship flag (named by its designer "hearts on fire") and was waving it madly on stage. The incredible banqueting table and the cross on stage made by an 81-year old man who wasn't able to attend. I remember not wanting it to end and the peace and the presence of the Great I AM there in a tabernacle tent on the lawn in front of the Governor's mansion. From beginning to end and before and after the significance just keeps manifesting itself. I feel the call for extravagant worship before the Lord... - Jeannie

ReignDown New Bedford, MA 8.21.10 ReignDown USA brought an evening of worship, prayer and repentance to Riverside Park in New Bedford, MA on August 21, 2010. New Bedford was once known as the City of Lights but more recently the area has become very depressed, much like the inner city projects, and surrounded in darkness. We prayed for the light to shine into the darkness and that repentance would fall. God showed himself as His light shone through the storm clouds that evening. We believe that God showed us that this gathering was for the children and they would be leading their parents to Christ and that they would be the ones bringing revival to the area. Pastor Bjorn Pedersen also prayed over many people a special anointing as spiritual warriors.

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ReignDown Minneapolis, MN 9.29.09ReignDown USA brought an evening of worship, prayer and repentance to Elliot Park in Minneapolis on September 29, 2009. We also helped lead a Chapel service at North Central University. We were called in to break the stronghold of Satan over that area. We were called in to break forth a cry of repentance. And when we left that evening we could feel the presence of God—we could feel the shift take place. We believe that revival, true revival from the Lord, cannot happen without repentance. Our call is to bring forth repentance so that God can move and revival can happen. That evening we saw God manifest Himself and deliver many people of the chains that were binding them. We also saw God move during Chapel. We believe that what happened that morning during Chapel was only a precursor of what is to come. Check out just a few of the photos from our time there.

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ReignDown USA (D.C.) 4.26.08

The Bible promises, "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what GOD has prepared for those who love Him" (1 Corinthians 2:9). This was especially true on April 26, 2008 on the Capitol grounds in Washington D.C., in your home, in your town, all over America, and all over the world. The following is just a glimpse of what we never could have imagined God would do for us:

A massive storm with life-threatening tornadoes, heavy rain and winds, and lightning was heading straight towards where we were set up at the Mall in D.C. The National Park Service issued one warning to us saying that after three warnings—or the first bolt of lightning—they were going to pull the plug and ReignDown USA would not happen. Realizing it was beyond our control, with less than an hour until the event was to start, we got on our knees and cried out for God to divert the storm to the North and the South. We called upon the power of the Holy Spirit for the winds to shift from the West to the East and blow the storm away from us. As we cried out on our knees and begged God to move… He did! The wind shifted! The Park Service, watching the weather radar, said that somehow the storm cell was shifting its course and heading to the North. Remembering the power of God in that moment brings tears to our eyes.

Though the call was extended to the President of the United States, he was unable to attend. But God, in order to fulfill His vision, sent a man of authority from the Capitol—with a tender heart for the Lord—to stand in the President’s place. Congressman Trent Franks would come not only to read a proclamation that the President made at the request of ReignDown USA; he would fall to his knees as tears streamed down his cheeks, repenting, putting the final brush strokes on the picture of God’s vision. Not only did Congressman Franks do this, he participated the entire evening. He knelt down in his suit to pray with children and spoke with many.

People from all over the world stood with us on that day and participated at their computers and televisions. Coverage was provided by both a Christian and a secular network. People sent e-mails from all over the world as they watched in tears, saying that the power of the Holy Spirit was filling them, and they could only weep, fall to their knees, and repent. Read testimonies about personal experiences at