The following Prayer Points are here as a reminder to continually pray for God's direction for the United States and for ReignDown USA as we move forward in ministry. Intercessors, please add these to your prayer lists and continue to lift up God's repentance movement at your prayer gatherings and during personal times of prayer.

Praise Report! God is faithful to His Vision and all His promises. Praise the Lord for all He did before, during and following April 26, 2008 in Washington DC. Praise the Lord for all He did before, during and following 12/8/2012 in the heart of our nation—Kansas. Thank you Lord for the many live changed and transformed by the love and grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit? Praise the Lord for global intercessors and spiritual warriors who bombarded the Heavenlies with God's Word and promises to open doors for God's Kingdom to come and His will to be done! He has just started. There is much more to come!Prayer FoundationPray that the Prayer Foundation under ReignDown (RD) USA will be significantly strengthened IN ORDER TO FULFILL ALL OF God's plans and purposes. Pray for a 24/7 prayer network praying for our nation, Israel, and for the body of Christ to repent and return to Him.GuidancePray for Holy Spirit guidance, direction, discernment and wisdom for RD USA according to God's complete and perfect will and God's complete and perfect time.

Open HeartsPray for our hearts to be open so that we will allow God to refine us to be His special utensils according to 2 Timothy 2: 20 that we may used in a mighty way in the days ahead and for His great harvest. Pray that our hearts are united with Christ and for His purpose and plans. Pray for our hearts to be open to a true understanding of God’s chosen people – Israel – and how the Body of Christ needs to support them. Israel is a great nation and those who bless them will be blessed and those who curse them will be cursed (Exodus 12:2-3). May Israel be blessed.

FinancesPray that all current and outstanding obligations will be paid off in the near future so RDUSA will be debt free. Pray for God to establish for RDUSA a positive and adequate cash flow to meet and exceed all on-going obligations, covering all overhead, communication expenses, marketing expenditures and all other financial requirements including the costs associated with the Israel gathering on October 15, 2014. Pray for RDUSA to be the very best stewards of all entrusted resources until Jesus returns for His bride. RepentancePray that the part of the Christian Church worldwide which is spiritually sleeping will wake up and repent according to Revelation 3:1-3. Pray for national (USA) and global Call to Repentance. The Christian Church and the people of the world, more than ever before, need to hear and receive a serious Call to Repentance! What Jesus said in Mark 1:15 nearly 2000 years ago is even more pertinent today. What God said to Solomon and His people in the Old Testament in 2 Chronicles 7:14 is still prevalent today. Pray that our nation, the USA, will repent and turn away from sin and our "idols" and turn TO GOD, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and Israel. Idols: Idolizing actors and actresses, sports stars, ungodly Hollywood media, and all that we look to save us other than God; materialism, worldliness, greed, lukewarmness, rebellion, unforgiveness, and much more. Pray for a massive outpouring of God's Spirit to bring true and deep repentance from the heart.

Israel GatheringPray for God’s protection over the nation of Israel. May the enemy no longer try to rob them of God’s promise – an everlasting covenant (Exodus 17:7), a permanent possession (Exodus 13:15), from Egypt to the great Euphrates River (Exodus 15:18). Pray for a cleansed and purified remnant to stand as watchmen and armor bearers for the nation of Israel in Israel on October 15, 2014. Fill them with Holy Spirit power as you did with Gideon’s army. Pray for the perfect gathering sight to be revealed, access to the sight will be approved quickly, that the sight will be soaked with prayer leading up to the gathering and your presence will remove all darkness. Pray for protection for the ReignDown team, all those assisting with the gathering and traveling for the gathering. May they have eagle eyes to see and focus on all You are calling them to do.Open DoorsPray for God to open the doors to churches, colleges and cities that His vision and call will be heard and His people will respond in true repentance.